Wearable art. Innovatove Scottish knitwear. EXCLUSIVE BESPOKE DESIGN. Pure wool. CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY.


Exclusive, contemporary handcrafted crochet shoulder bag produced from pure wool. Lined in Cotton.

Hyperbolic crochet coral effect edging. Chunky, durable and unusual wearable art.

Techniques are traditional, but my aim is to produce unique and imaginative designs innovating and creating links between fashion and art, focusing on silhouette and contrast.

Designs are exclusive, contemporary and handmade in Scotland. Inspired by fusing cultures, northern Scottish landscapes and coastlines, and the love of a unique and rare yarn. I now sells all over the world from Orkney in Northern Scotland to Israel, Japan and the United States.

Dimensions: 25" width by 25" height.
Commissions and retail stores information upon enquiry.

Collections: Art and Design., Featured collection

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